What’s special about us

We are familiar with every child. We teach in small classes. Open exchange and communication with parents are essential and important to us. Our school system prevents anyone from «falling through the cracks».

We support individually. Each child is different. That’s why we relate to the students according to their requirements. We foster their strengths, help them gain self-confidence and teach them the appropriate learning and organisational techniques. Every child is assigned a particular teacher as a personal coach. We offer assistance with homework, preparation for exams and choosing a career.

We teach in a modern way. Learning should be fun! Our highly motivated and excellently qualified teachers make sure that their lessons are engaging and that the tasks they set are individually tailored. The children develop the ability to organise themselves and work together in projects and self-regulated learning. All children receive iPads, which are used in the lessons and promote a responsible attitude towards using digital media.

We allot enough time. A lesson lasts 65 minutes at our school. This makes our daily routine less hurried and allows for more creative immersion in subjects.

We are a community. We treat one another with respect. Projects involving several classes allow us to get to know each other better and promote mutual support. Concentrated study periods are balanced by fun and play every day.

We remove the pressure. It’s very rare for a child to excel in every subject. This is why our students are able to work at different levels in each subject. Definitive levels – A, E or P – are set at the end of grade 8, so that advancement to secondary school takes place without the constant pressure to attain a specific level.

We help with career choice. During the final school years, much attention is focused on finding the right career. We make every effort to ensure that our students find a solution to match their abilities and interests and provide intensive support in this regard.

What makes us stand out

  • Motivated and experienced teachers
  • Small classes
  • Individual advancement
  • No constant pressure of attaining a specific level (A, E or P)

  • Dedicated support including career choice

Academia Primar & Sek «Überschaubare Grösse der Klassen, der Schule im Allgemeinen und eine Schulleitung nahe an der Basis. Dies ermöglicht ein individuelles Fordern und Fördern der Schülerinnen und Schüler.»