Our music lessons – learning through music

In this stream, your child will attend a total of four weekly music lessons, where they will learn with and through music as part of an interdisciplinary approach. Two extra weekly lessons are added to the timetable to facilitate this.

Two lessons are spent learning an instrument (keyboard) and acquiring knowledge of musical theory. In the other two lessons, students will collaborate on musical projects across all levels. They take leading roles in our musical productions and concerts, organise information events and build on their transferable skills (organisational and presentation techniques, teamworking, etc.).

They take the other subjects alongside students in the English and Standard streams.

The Music stream is suitable for all secondary-school students who enjoy music. It’s particularly suitable for young people who wish to pursue in a career in music or education at a later stage. No prior knowledge is required, but we do ask students to be willing to actively participate in lessons and the various projects involved.