Our English stream – promoting language and transferable skills

Students in the English stream attend two to three additional immersive English lessons. They attend lessons in their other subjects, including English as taught in line with the ‘Lehrplan 21’ curriculum, alongside students in the Standard and Music streams.

In their additional English lessons, students work on a variety of projects of all sizes: they study a specific topic, write song lyrics, perform plays and practise slam poetry. The focus is on this creative approach to language and immersion in the many cultures that constitute the English-speaking world. The highlight of the semester is ‘exhibition day’, on which students present and showcase their projects. Students are in charge of every aspect of this event, developing teamworking, time- and self-management, and organisational skills.

The English stream is suitable for all secondary-school students who wish to focus on English. It is particularly suitable for young people who wish to continue their senior-level education (academic or preparatory vocational/IT school) or complete a demanding apprenticeship in an international environment. In terms of existing knowledge of English, we expect the basic level achieved by the end of primary school.

This programme is not suitable for your child if they require specific help with English and take more time to pick up a foreign language than other students. In that case, we recommend opting for individual tutoring, in which the content of the regular lessons can be reviewed and consolidated.