What’s special about us

We meet our students where their interests lie. Music plays a huge role in young people’s lives. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we motivate our students in other subjects through music.

Our students learn more than just musical theory and notation. In the Music stream, we promote interdisciplinary learning with and through music. Studies show that this type of curriculum helps improve reading and writing skills, numeracy and cognitive development overall.

We specifically promote transferable skills. Our students are involved in all aspects of organising school events, from musical projects to information evenings: this promotes teamworking skills, presentation techniques, creativity and flexibility.   

We empower our students. Students in the Music stream take a leading role in our musical projects across all levels. As a team, they are responsible for the success of the project and learn to take a creative approach to tackling challenges, building confidence through their own achievements.

We never lose sight of our aim. Our top priority is making sure our secondary-school students find the right next steps for them. That’s why our secondary-school education focuses on tailored support and intensive careers advice, and teaching learning and organisational skills.

What makes us stand out

  • Holistic support for students

  • Stronger motivation and greater confidence

  • Teaching social and methodological skills