10th School year

10th school year gives students more time to think about their future career and close knowledge gaps if required – with personal and individual support.

Content covered in year 9 is repeated in small classes of six to twelve students and knowledge is consolidated – an excellent basis for finding a suitable apprenticeship or successful continuation at a further education institution. We promote logical thinking as well as independent working, convey study and work methods, and discuss current social topics with our students.

Depending on interests and abilities, we prepare 10th school year students for an apprenticeship or further education – using a specifically designed programme with exercises and work sheets. We help them to find at least two one-week trial apprenticeships, collect feedback from those responsible for the apprentices and take time to support the students with writing applications.

In 10th school year, focus is on the professional future of your child. We make every effort to find a suitable connecting solution – and have always managed to do so successfully in the past!


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities (History/Geography)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Sport
  • Art and Music
  • Career/Information and Communication Technology

What makes us stand out

  • Consolidation of general knowledge
  • Work and study techniques
  • Individually tailored programme
  • Intensive support with career choice