Secondary school

Years 7 to 9 are completed without the permanent pressure to attain a specific level. Students work at their own specific level in every subject. They are assigned to a higher level as soon as their performance improves. Whether the secondary school certificate is completed at level A, E or P (general, extended or advanced) is decided before commencement of the last year of school. This takes the pressure off and leaves room for individual development.

Our teaching is based on the curriculum of the Canton Basel-Landschaft (Lehrplan 21). We make every effort to ensure that your child has a sustainable and enjoyable learning experience, and aim to support him/her on the way to independence.

To this end, we not only help our adolescents acquire knowledge, but also strengthen their competencies: how to handle themselves and deal with others as well as how to organise their tasks and projects. This also means that we accept them with all their strengths and weaknesses and support them individually. Regular exchange with parents is an important element in this regard.

We also consider it essential for our students to learn how to use electronic media responsibly. That’s why we provide them with iPads that are used for a variety of purposes during the school day.

Students do their homework and prepare for exams at school after lessons. 2–3 scheduled lessons per week are supervised by a teacher, who assists the youngsters on their way to becoming more independent.

Deciding how to carry on after secondary school is an important and often difficult process. We help and encourage all our students as best as we can and support them in activities such as writing motivational letters and CVs, finding trial apprenticeships, or preparing for entry assessments required for further education.

Two one-week trial apprenticeships are scheduled during year 9: we communicate with those responsible for the apprentices and ask for feedback to ensure that students profit from the experience.


  • German
  • Mathematics
  • English and French
  • Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Geography, History
  • Sport

What makes us stand out

  • The opportunity to choose a specialism with the Music or English stream
  • Individual levels in each subject
  • Carefully supervised career selection, including visit to a career fair and two weeks for trial apprenticeships
  • Personal support
  • Transfer agreement to public secondary schooling (Gymnasium and Fachmittelschule) with the canton of Basel-Landschaft

Music or English stream

At secondary-school level, our students can choose between Standard, Music and English streams. In four weekly lessons, students work on English or Music projects in their stream and acquire transferable skills, such as teamworking, flexibility, creativity and presentation techniques.

More information on both streams can be found here: