What’s special about us

Our students learn English as it is spoken in real life. Unlike ordinary language classes, our English stream pursues an immersive approach teeming with creativity: poetry slams, lyric-writing exercises and drama are all on the menu, as is researching and preparing another topic from a different subject.

Presentation skills mean more to us than being able to put together PowerPoint slides. Every project is completed with a presentation on the subject concerned. Our students become familiar with and use appropriate presentation formats and media, such as video, text, illustrations and oral presentations. Creativity, flexibility and self-management are required, as are teamworking skills and organisational skills.

We employ teaching and support staff with English as a first language. As a sister institution of Academia International School and Academia Bilingual School, we are able to draw on a pool of qualified teaching staff who have English as a first language and who help make our English lessons what they are. They are also able to share the culture and society of their home country in an authentic way.

Our students have a say. Our students are actively involved in choosing projects and help select the subject matter. We can also prepare students for a recognised English-language qualification on request and if enough students choose to participate.

We never lose sight of our aim. Our main goal is to prepare our secondary-school students for an apprenticeship or their next step in education. Tailored support, teaching learning and organisational skills, and intensive careers advice are therefore key aspects of our secondary-school education.

What makes us stand out

  • Vibrant and immersive English lessons

  • Teaching social and methodological skills

  • English mother-tongue support staff in English lessons

  • Holistic support for students