Special features

  • Music or theatre projects involving all levels

  • Regular class projects involving numerous subjects at all levels on various topics, such as the Middle Ages, Halloween etc.
  • Individual coaching of students at all levels by the school management and a specifically allocated teacher (coach)

  • Visit to a career fair during secondary school and 10th school year
  • Two weeks for trial apprenticeships incorporated in the annual schedule of the secondary school and 10th school year in order to become familiar with various firms and interesting job opportunities

  • Supervision of homework and instruction on organisation and study techniques at all levels within the scope of 2–3 lessons (65 minutes each) per week (partly for students in various classes)
  • Supervised lunch. Healthy meals are delivered by a professional caterer Parterre Basel on Monday, Thursday and Friday (meals are not included in the school fees). Alternatively, students can eat what they brought from home.

Apart from lunch all these offers are included in the school fees. Additional private tuition is charged separately.