Michelle Negro

Principal Primary and Secondary school

After graduating from secondary school, I began studying psychology. However, after a few stints as a substitute teacher in a secondary school, I realised I really enjoyed working with young people. So I changed my course of study and completed a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree in Music Education and German Studies. After a few years working as a teacher at various state schools, I joined Academia in 2015 as a German and Music teacher. I’ve been the prinicipal at Academia Primar & Sek since 2020.

What I appreciate about our school is the small class sizes and the opportunity to provide my students with tailored support. I care about working with the kids and young people on a personal level and showing them that school and learning can be fun. With the right motivation, many things are possible: that’s what I try to get across to them. I like to work creatively with them and give them the opportunity to grow and thrive in musicals and other school events. I also appreciate our team spirit and the warm and welcoming atmosphere overall at Academia Primar & Sek.