Bernd Fürst

Teacher for English, French, Career/Information and Communication Technology

I’ve been fascinated by teaching all my life and I did my first ever professional work placement at a school for hearing- and speech-impaired students. After finishing secondary school, I studied teacher training at the University of Tübingen. During my degree, I spent a semester abroad in Montpellier, taught German as a foreign language in Nice for six months and worked as a tennis coach in Wellington. I completed my teacher training at the secondary school in Kenzingen.

I’ve been with Academia since 2019, surrounded by an excellent team and excellent students. The special aspect for me is getting to know all the students pretty much from day one and building a much stronger relationship with them. I’m not just a teacher: I’m a parental figure, a friend and a mentor.

I’m always pleased to see my colleagues and the students. No two days are alike, and there’s always variety. It’s something special indeed to see how students develop and make progress, not just academically but as people, too.