Aleksandra Ignjatovic

Teacher Humanities, Natural Sciences

I knew at a relatively early age that I wanted to be a teacher. After attending preparatory commercial college, I had to plan my next steps carefully so I could keep my goal in sight. My journey began with a one-year internship as a travel advisor at SBB. I then attended the KV Basel commercial college to obtain a commercial vocational school leaving certificate. The ‘passerelle’ university entrance exam was my ticket to the University of Basel, where I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geography and History.

Academia Primar & Sek has offered me an opportunity to work in a warm and welcoming environment and build close relationships with students since 2022. For me, learning and education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge, it’s a blend of developing skills and growing as a person. Aspects of cognitive, social and affective knowledge are developed in this process.

It makes me really happy when students build trust in me and I can give them the sense that, with me, they’re in good hands.